Parents: Take Action

Helping Your Child Stay on Track

Be a Positive Role Model  – Kids are smart and they pick-up on things we may not even think about. For example, if you are undercharged for something and you are aware of it, go back to the store and let them know. If the cashier forgets to ring up an item and you notice it, point it out. Use these situations to be a role model for your child.

Set Clear Rules – Now that they have committed this offense, the rules may have to change. (Clearly “hanging out” or going to the mall without a parent is out for a while.) You trusted them with a privilege and they did not live up to that trust so now things have to change, even if only temporarily.

Give Them an Opportunity to Regain your Trust – engage them in establishing the new rules and empower them to make changes for themselves.

Stick to the Facts  – Remind them of the immediate and definite consequences of shoplifting to others, themselves and their future. Reinforce why stealing (in any form) is wrong and how their life will be better for them when they don’t compromise their honesty and integrity.

Be a Loving Parent – Be open and understanding so your child will come to you with difficult issues or with mistakes he or she made without feeling you will be unfairly judgmental or punitive. Help give them the self-confidence to resist peer pressure when temptation or opportunity arises.

Know your Child’s Friends – By staying involved with your kids and their activities, by knowing where they are going, what they are doing, who they are with and when they will be home goes a long way toward keeping your kids from becoming involved in shoplifting.

Encourage your Child to be Involved  – Encourage your child to participate in sports or other group activities which introduces them to a better group of kids and keeps them busy vs. bored.

Recognize that Sometimes Kids Slip – even with all of our best efforts, our children sometimes slip. Don’t make excuses for them and don’t be afraid to get help. Call a local counseling agency or call NASP at 1-888-466-2299.

To enroll your child in the Y.E.S. Program, click here.