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The National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP) and its partners have joined together to establish the Say No To Shoplifting campaign and create this website to serve as a hub for parents and families seeking programs, education and information that will help them address a shoplifting issue with their child.

As professionals who work in the field, we all understand that kids sometimes make mistakes and know that they often need education and guidance to help them get back on track. Youth who shoplift benefit from a special kind of offense-specific education; education that will help them examine why they shoplifted and teach them how to ensure they will never shoplift again. Parents, who most likely have never been in this situation before, need reliable information they can share with their children about juvenile shoplifting; especially as a gateway to greater dishonesty.

The retail loss prevention and law enforcement communities - as the first, and at times, the only touch points with a juvenile shoplifter - can help ensure that apprehended juveniles and their parents are given access to shoplifting prevention information and education by providing a free Parent Information Pamphlet to every parent of every child who is apprehended for shoplifting – whether by the store at apprehension or by the police.

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