The Issue

Our country is in an era when millions of people are stealing billions of dollars worth of merchandise from stores, not considering themselves criminals or being treated as such by the community at large. 

Even with 1 in 11 Americans and 1 in 4 youth admitting to shoplifting, there is often a tendency by local community members across the country to regard shoplifting as “no big deal” or a “victimless crime”.

Shoplifting is often disregarded as a community priority based on the idea that, relative to other crimes, it is not worth the effort or resources it takes to adequately address it. But in truth shoplifting is the most prevalent crime in the U.S., averaging about 550,000 incidents per day resulting in more than $13 billion worth of goods being stolen from retailers each year. That’s more than $35 million per day in losses. 

Shoplifting is clearly an economic and social issue in need of attention. It's stealing from all members of the community by raising prices for consumers, making shopping inconvenient, taking vital tax revenue away from communities, reducing wages for store employees, burdening law enforcement and the courts, hurting the lives of individuals and families, corrupting our youth and undermining crime prevention efforts.

It is time for a comprehensive community response and it must include active participation by all stakeholders in the shoplifting issue. Say No To Shoplifting is a resource to improve the response to shoplifting by parents and local community members by helping each do their part to combat this all too common and costly crime.