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Help Ensure that Education is Part of a Juvenile Shoplifter's Apprehension Experience

Retailers can play a critical role in helping youthful offenders learn from a shoplifting incident, say no to shoplifting in the future and put shoplifting behind them forever. As the first, and often the only, touch point in a juvenile shoplifter's experience, it is critical that retailers take this opportunity to help ensure that apprehended youth receive comprehensive education to prevent them from repeating the offense in addition to any other sanctions (prosecution, civil fine, trespass orders) that may be imposed.

In addition to being an extremely effective deterrent to repeat offenses, a retailer's use of education programs sparks other members of the community to take action and step up their shoplifting prevention efforts.  Experience tells us that when the retail victim helps a juvenile caught shoplifting to take responsibility and learn from their mistakes, it prompts others to do the same.  Stakeholders begin to work together to put out the message that kids and families need to Say No To Shoplifting.  Parents talk to their children about it, law enforcement responds to it, court effectively sanction it and other retailers emulate your good work.

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